So my friend…told me the best way to cure my anti-social behavior…

She said, “Just take a shot of tequila to loosen you up and off you go…”

…I might consider it…


More and more people these days are putting more emphasize on shy/quiet people, which is terrible…because I’M SHY/QUIET and do not like attention!

1. They say stuff like…”oooh the quiet ones are the kinky ones!” No way!

2. “It’s the shy ones you have to watch out for.” WTH is that suppose to imply!

3. Then how, “Quiet people are quiet because they have too many dirty thoughts.” Seriously!!!!!!!!

4. Then when people point out that your shy, for some odd reason other girls find it offensive?

5. Or people find the need to call you arrogant simply because your quiet! WTF!

6. Seriously people, just leave us quiet/shy people alone…we’re like this for a reason and 95% of the time its not because of the fact that we’re thinking something dirty!!!!!!!!!!!